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Animal Attacks

Millions of people are bitten by dogs and attacked by animals each year, and many of those people are hospitalized following the attack. Many of these victims are defenseless children or the elderly, and animal owners must be held accountable for the actions of their animals.

The expense of treating and recovering from animal attacks can be very high, and more than $100 million is spent in hospital costs every year for dog bite and other animal attack injuries. There also are lost wages, medical insurance claims and workers’ compensation claims to consider.

According to Georgia law, a dog owner will be held liable for injuries and property damage caused by a dog if the animal attack was not provoked. Georgia law does not provide a statutory definition for “provocation.” Mike Conner and the Conner Law Group, located in South Georgia, know the law and will help you make important determinations about the animal in question and whether the owner was negligent. These laws apply to all animal attacks in Georgia, but because of the complexity and breadth of the law it’s critical to have Mike Conner and the Conner Law Group on your side.

Don’t let animal attacks make you run scared! Mike Conner and The Conner Law Group, with locations in Savannah and Jesup, have the knowledge to help you if you have been the victim of an animal attack in Georgia.