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There are millions of car accidents each year in the United States, and more often than not a person is injured in these collisions. Each day, thousands of people die in auto accidents, and in Georgia more than 2,000 people per year die in car wrecks which creates the need for a great car accident lawyer to help with any lawsuit that may be filed.

Following a car accident, the legal process can be very complex and timing is critical. Insurance companies are primarily interested in reducing the amount of money paid through a claim, and navigating these tricky waters may leave you and your family without the resources you need to make a full recovery. The Conner Law Group, located in Savannah and Jesup, is here to provide you with a great car accident lawyer to avoid these kinds of situations.

There are dozens and dozens of circumstances that can complicate a claim after a car accident, and Mike Conner has the experience and expertise to identify the most important pieces of your case to be sure your legal rights are protected during the claim process.

If you have been in an auto accident, choosing the right car accident lawyer can make all the difference. Don’t go through this process without the right representation! The Conner Law Group is the right firm to represent you in the South Georgia region!