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Heavy Machinery Accident

Heavy machinery accidents can lead to life altering, permanent injuries like loss of brain function, spinal cord impairment and amputated limbs. The quality of a person’s life can be affected forever by a heavy machinery accident, and working with dangerous equipment can occasionally lead to a tragic loss of life.

Negligent employers must be held accountable for employee injuries, and irresponsible manufacturers must be taken to task for defective products that cause injuries to unsuspecting workers simply doing their jobs.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), tens of thousands of people will suffer injuries in U.S. workplaces every year, many being heavy machinery accidents.

Mike Conner and The Conner Law Group, located in Savannah Jesup, help workers injured on the job pursue a comprehensive range of restitution and benefits. Mike Conner and The Conner Law Group will conduct a thorough investigation to determine what caused your injury and then follow the most efficient path to help you recover.

Let Mike Conner and the Conner Law Group do the legwork – if you have suffered injuries as the result of a heavy machinery accident in South Georgia, contact Mike Conner and The Conner Law Group for representation.