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Medical Malpractice

We put a tremendous amount of faith in our healers, but there are doctors, dentists, surgeons, nurses, and other medical care providers who do not practice medicine according to the high standards that the law mandates. When you or your family are confronted with a negligent, inattentive or incompetent medical provider, Mike Conner and The Conner Law Group, with offices in Savannah and Jesup, can help you make those providers accountable for their actions and recover from the damage they did relating to medical malpractice.

Filing a medical malpractice suit incorporates many complex legal areas and presents unique challenges for the patient who is the plaintiff. Finding the right medical malpractice lawyers in South Georgia to represent you is a stress as well. Mike Conner and The Conner Law Group have the experience to guide you through the process of taking action against medical malpractice such as surgical errors, anesthesia misuse, failure to diagnose, injuries incurred during birthing, medication oversights or mistakes, emergency room misconduct or infections/illnesses resulting from substandard medical care or environment.

Doctors aren’t perfect, and medical malpractice insurance is intended to care for the patient who becomes a victim when even the best physicians make a mistake. Medical malpractice can result in a prolonged illness, a life altering injury or even a wrongful death. Whether the doctor is negligent or willfully commits malpractice for personal gain, you deserve the ability to recover and move on with your life. Our South Georgia based law firm has the right medical malpractice lawyer to assist you with these matters.

You deserve to recover if you are the victim of medical malpractice! Contact Mike Conner and The Conner Law Group in Savannah or Jesup for help evaluating your claim and assisting you in obtaining fair and just compensation for injuries suffered due to medical malpractice. The Conner Law Group has some of the best medical malpractice lawyers in South Georgia.