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Product Liability

Product liability law refers to legal claims or lawsuits alleging that a product didn’t perform as intended or promoted and caused one or more victims to suffer injury or death. In a product liability lawsuit, the victim or plaintiff is attempting to make the manufacturer, distributor, designer or vendor of the faulty product legally responsible for the harm that was caused.

Product liability law governs a very broad spectrum of products that can include consumer products such as tools, appliances, toys, furniture, guns, sports apparel, automobiles, food, prescription drugs, over-the-counter medicines and medical devices. In essence, any product that is manufactured for distribution and consumer use falls under the large umbrella of product liability law.

Mike Conner and the Conner Law Group have offices in Savannah and Jesup and have accrued extensive experience in the area of product liability law in Georgia. Georgia has enacted statutes that govern product liability lawsuits, making it critical to choose an attorney like Mr. Conner who is familiar with product liability protocol.

Product liability lawsuits tend to be complex and time consuming cases that can require the resources, experience and patience of a veteran attorney. Frequently, a consumer or group of consumers is challenging a large corporation or conglomerate, and the cases can be extended for years by the large legal defense teams. Because product liability suits often involve severe or life-altering injuries or illnesses, it makes more sense to retain a South Georgia product liability lawyer like Mike Conner who has argued and won product liability cases.

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