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Slip and Fall Accidents

Slipping and falling may be slapstick comedy in the movies, but in real life these types of accidents can result in serious, life altering injuries. Unfortunately, companies and insurance companies know how to trip up your slip and fall injury case even when they know they should be held responsible.

Make sure you talk with Mike Conner and The Conner Law Group BEFORE you talk with a company’s risk management department or an insurance company. Georgia law limits commercial liability to narrow situations where negligence can be proven, and simply falling down in a store or restaurant does not necessarily make the property liable for injuries. Mike Conner and The Conner Law Group have the slip and fall attorney experience needed to help you decide if you have a legitimate legal claim.

A large percentage of accidental deaths are a result of slip and fall accidents, and slip and fall accidents are second only to vehicular accidents in causing deaths. It has been reported that 9 million slip and fall, or trip and fall, accidents occur each year – that’s about 25,000 accidents every day!

In Georgia, the owner or occupier must be proven to have been negligent in some way before they can be held liable for a slip and fall accident. Many insurance companies will attempt to reach a quick settlement with an injured person to avoid responsibility for future medical expenses, lost wages and other damages. But it can take months to fully diagnose the consequences of a slip and fall accident. In most cases, Georgia law affords a two-year period of time in which to file a lawsuit on a claim, so there is no need to act immediately before all the facts are known. Conner Law is the right South Georgia slip and fall attorney to appropriately handle your case.

Don’t rush into a settlement! Mike Conner and The Conner Law Group have the expertise to help you determine whether you have a legal claim following a slip and fall accident in Georgia.