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Wrongful Death

The long-term effects of losing a loved one can change the course of a person’s life. When a tragic accident that could have been prevented takes the life of a family member or loved one, grieving families are often left feeling like they have no place to turn. The Conner Law Group can help you through this time by being your best choice for a wrongful death attorney in South Georgia. Whether it’s because of a reckless driver, unsafe gun care, medical malpractice or an aviation accident, families should have the resources they need to recover from tragic accidents that can be prevented.

Georgia law states that people have the right to recover “the full value of the life of the decedent without deducting for any of the necessary or personal expenses of the decedent had he lived.” The “full value” is not limited to those items having proven monetary value and can include the loss of intangibles and experiences that are not easily put into numeric terms.

Mike Conner and The Conner Law Group have extensive experience handling wrongful death lawsuits and have two South Georgia office locations in Savannah and Jesup. We are sensitive to the grief that you are experiencing and we are selective in the cases we take on so that we can give you the personal attention that you deserve during this difficult time.

Determining the appropriate value of a claim for wrongful death and for the estate’s claim is complicated. Although a death might have been accidental, the defendant bears the burden of providing restitution to the family of the deceased. No amount of money can bring a loved one back to life, but the Conner Law Group can help you obtain what the law will allow you to recover after a traumatic death.

If you have lost a loved one because of a wrongful death in South Georgia, contact Mike Conner and The Conner Law Group in Savannah and Jesup so that they can provide you with the compassion and guidance that you deserve. We are the right wrongful death attorney to help you win your case.